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Anti Aging Facial

With our anti-aging facial, your skin starts repairing itself immediately, allowing your body to produce collagen and elastin in higher levels than before. These two factor are of extreme importance when it comes to skin health and rejuvenated look, as well as that natural plumpness.


This particular facial treatment is done with a combination of newest technology from South Korea, and ingredients that are all fully natural and organic, being extracted from various plants and fruit. There no need for invasive, over the top chemicals that you are uncomfortable with. Nature is the best healing device you can find. This is why your skin will absorb these ingredients and rejuvenate the skin cells on a deeper level than just on the surface.


By inserting Micro-Spear ( micro needle ) under the skin, the practitioner creates controlled punctures, which will make your skin repair itself. All our devices are safe and gentle enough to be used around any sensitive areas you might be concerned about.  Your skin texture will be dramatically improved, the appearance of acne scars can be minimised, and your skin tone will just feel younger, refreshed and it won’t stop just on the “feeling”. It will look younger, the complexion will be nicely evened out and the skin surface will become more tight.


The amazing thing about this treatment is that, even though you will see the difference very soon, the process enables your body to do its natural course of producing collagen and elastin. This is a process that will develop naturally over the course of few months, and the results will just keep coming!

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