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Mindy Skincare has built its business on realistic expectations, transparency, as well as concerns the client must know that other spas and estheticians usually don’t disclose. There are many estheticians in this field who would tend to mislead the public through unrealistic claims such as end result, retention, and longevity, and photos that have been grossly edited for promotion.


Although 98% of our clients walk away extremely happy with their skin, we are not the one-for- all solution. We Post beautiful results of our clients on social media but in no way does this guarantee you will receive the same results. On some occasions, we do encounter clients with certain skin types that cannot be identified by simple examination, which causes the desired result to fall short. As with any cosmetic procedure done with any medical doctor, facial specialist, or tattoo artists, there are never guarantees for results as everyone's skin is different.


Mindy Skincare and its estheticians will make recommendations and present pictures of past clients. However, this will not guarantee a final result of any kind. There might be some cases in which the client's skin may react differently to all types of facial treatments.


These reasons are usually due to different skin types, skin color and skin conditions, or even lifestyle activities including excessive sweating, expended sun exposure, facial chemical peels on the treated area or any other unforeseen issues not listed here.


Mindy Skincare always strives for 100% satisfaction. We always offer in-depth consultations as well detailed explanations throughout the entire process while addressing any questions or concerns you may have. We are open to hearing of any skin concerns you may have, and we'll take all of that into careful consideration when recommending facial treatments or products. 


Although we strive for 100% satisfaction, we can never make guarantees that your skin will take well to the procedure. 


For this reason, Mindy Skincare  does not offer refunds or guarantee results. 


By booking, you understand that there are no refunds and will not hold Mindy Skincare  responsible for any chargebacks. Any chargebacks or any payments made to Mindy Skincare, including payments for appointment deposits and any other service, will be submitted to small claims court of Miami-Dade County.


I acknowledged I've read through this policy and I understand that there are no refunds for any payment including bookings and deposits or payments for the balance of the service and will not hold Mindy Skincare responsible for any chargebacks. 

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