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Facials for Acne

Acne exfoliators help to deep cleanse your skin, open up your pores and to remove any toxins that are the main reason for acne in the first place. These toxins are made up of different effects of pollution, grease, and dirt that your skin suffers from on daily basis. And here we cannot forget the sebum overabundance. This is a very natural substance that helps your skin stay moisturized. But just like many other things, the overproduction of this particular sebum causes acne and blackheads.


Acne facial consists of a few steps and has several benefits that you may oversee. For example, increased circulation. Once you get the acne - facial treatment, the blood will start flowing more towards the skin cells and provide you with healthy, glowy skin. It is important to know that our facials are beneficial for both women and men, and each treatment is soothed to your personal needs.


Our gentle and experienced esthetician will assess your needs depending on your skin type, your beauty routine, skincare products you might be using and skin concerns you might have. The products used at our spa are all high-quality, advanced products, used and produced in South Korea. And we are all a little bit jealous of their skin, aren’t we?


Depending on your needs and skin concerns, a series of sessions will not only improve the visual appearance of your skin but with this, comes a self-confidence boosting feeling, that in the end, is what our goal is exactly.

Performed In our state of the art treatment rooms, this purifying treatment helps to refine texture and soothe irritated skin. This will help your skin stay reconditioned, rejuvenated and calm. The treatment will reduce stress and relieve psychological distress. Along with cleansing your skin, the treatment might slow down the aging process as the facial massage promotes blood circulation. Your skin will become detoxified and smooth to touch, gain that natural glow so you will not be able not to show it off!

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