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Oxygen Infusion Facial

The newest anti-aging treatment to hit the market is available at our specialized spa!

This brilliant facial is absolutely perfect for short - notice occasions, when your skin just needs that extra glow that you might not achieve with other, more invasive treatments. Oxygen is , as we know, the most essential component of life. But, as it happens with many other components such as collagen and elastin, the levels of Oxygen tend to drop as we age, which results in wrinkles and fine lines.


Replenishing the levels of Oxygen has never been so tangible and easy, as it is with this particular therament. With absolutely no down time or side effects, this procedure is amongst the very top of rejuvenating treatments you may get if you need a quick and effective skin repair. Celebrities like Madonna swear by this treatment,and give it a lot of credit for her glowing skin.

The products used are high quality Korean Peptides, Vitamin C, and Gold mask, which promote collagen production, detoxify the skin, help cell turnover and the procedure is perfect for anyone who choose to avoid injections or chemical treatments.

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