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Pore Extraction Facial

The environmental damage does not just take its toll on the environment itself. It affects our skin, it clogs the pores and causes acne, blackheads and skin irritation. You may be confident that you are doing absolutely everything right , and you might be correct, but the pore extraction facial will absolutely change the way you perceive the skincare.


Different products we use may affect our skin only from the outside, but you really want to make a significant change as deep as possible into the layers. This is where the pore extraction facial comes into play. What you really want to accomplish is not just to clear out the pores. You want to stop and prevent the sebum oxidation. The sebum oxidation is what is generally closely connected to appearance of the blackheads, the oily look and many more skin issues.

It is very important to find a good practitioner who know exactly how to use the pressure, since, if you use incorrect pressure, or go in at the wrong angle, you easily disrupt the integrity of your follicles, leading to inflammation and breakouts.

Our Spa is a high end establishment, where all our treatments are performed with only state of the art technology from South Korea and the procedure is painless. In this particular case, The device used for our pore extraction facial treatment, is an almost pen - like probe, which literally exfoliates each pore and blackhead, in order to give you that glowy, light look after the treatment.


You will notice how your skin is going to feel like there was a lot of weight taken off from your face. This is actually true. All the pores that were clogged are now free, open and less visible. It is the same with blackheads. Your skin will feel amazing and smooth to touch, with a bit of a calming serum after the treatment, just to finish it off in style!

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