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Spa Face Treatment

This individually tailored treatment is made up of several different procedures, each specifically made for each client separately. Mindy’s expertise and years of working in this particular area allows her to give you personalized consultations and recommend the perfect set of treatments depending on your concerns.


The procedure includes a step by step approach towards your personal goals and desired results , in order to deliver you with best results possible. Very often at our premises we encounter patients who had some unpleasant experiences with previous treatments as they were not necessarily the right treatments they needed at the time.


Unfortunately, this impacts their self-confidence as well as their budget, and this is where Mindy’s experience comes into play! Being amongst Miami’s favourite skin spas, Mindy to this day manages to deliver excellent results to each client individually, by simply listening to their needs, examining their skin and creating a full journey that transforms their skin.


Whether it is acne that you are concerned about or just dull and tired skin, Mindy offers something for everyone. Ranging from lunch - break treatments with zero downtime, up to complete skin rejuvenating process, you cannot be in better place to achieve it!

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