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Mindy's Facial Treatments

Anti-Aging Facial

This facial combines the newest technology of products from South Korea. Inserting Micro-Spears (micro-needles originated from nature) into the skin deeply helps to regenerate new skin cells. Ingredients are all-natural, derived from fruits and plants. If you are looking for younger-looking skin instantly this is great treatment. Recommend to get 4 sessions each week.

Adult Acne Facial

This famous Mindy's acne facial can clear you acne. she uses very special extraction method and it really minimizes scars. This facial has extend extraction time as much as your skin needs.

Teen Acne Facial

This blemish free facial clears up hormonal acne for teenagers. It is by far the best facial for teenagers. It starts to cleanse with sony scrubber and intense extraction with steam and finish with special acne mask. Skin will look flawless after even one session.

Best Facial in Miami

This top facial makes you skin glow and healthy. It starts extraction with steam, organic peel, microdermabrasion, LED light, oxygen infusion, stem cell ampoule and finishes with 24K gold mask. No redness nor scars left but healthy glowing.

Men's Facial

Designed for men thoughtfully. It starts with clear sonic brush deep cleaning with a lavender hot towel and steam. Extraction and mask. It finishes with a probiotic mask.

Oxygen Facial

Experience the latest advancements in facial therapy with an oxygen treatment. We specialize in the treatment that’s perfect before special occasions, giving your skin an unparalleled luminance. Your whole face will glow with the reduction of both deeper and ner lines and an appearance of healthy hydration resulting from the infusion of oxygen, which also gives your facial skin a slightly more plump and fuller expression. Think of this one before any special day or event! Finished with Korean Peptide, Vitamin C, and Gold mask.

Organic Facial

This facial is great for aging, acne, sensitive, dry skin. Include face extraction, mask and LED light.

Deep Cleansing Facial

This deep cleaning facial starts with ultra sonic scrubber and gently exfoliate and extract blackheads and whiteheads. It finishes with rejuvenating mask. Enjoy blackheads free skin!


Hydradermabrasion is the latest renovation in skincare technology. It’s great for all skin types: repair aging, congested, blemished, dull, or discolored skin, oily skin can benefit from this too by becoming less greasy as pores are shrunk significantly. In addition, mild acne scars can be reduced and fine lines can be eliminated include puffy eyes.

Microneedling Facial

Designed for men thoughtfully. It starts with clear sonic brush deep cleaning with a lavender hot towel and steam. Extraction and mask. It finishes with a probiotic mask.

Microdermabrasion Facial

This deep-cleansing treatment should be part of your regular cycle for facial health and beauty. The treatment helps clear away dead skin, which can give your face a duller hue, while applying both vacuum suction and then steam to soften all the treated areas. The latest in products for hydrating, stimulating and protecting your skin is applied as part of the process and specially targets such conditions as acne, dull skin, aging factors and wrinkling. A nal mask application that’s customized for your face and needs is included as the perfect follow-on to keep your face fresh and healthy.

Top Facial

We implement the latest in technology and products to counter the effects of gradual aging, restoring your face to peak potential. We begin with an ultrasonic treatment that deep cleans every pore and follicle with exfoliation and extraction of residue. This microdermabrasion technology rms up every muscle and skin surface in your face, while also circulating oxygen through your facial tissues and introducing collagen and elastin bers to tighten your skin and give your face a natural-looking balance without the sometimes-stressful appearance from more invasive surgical methods.

Korean Vegan Plant Cell Facial

This newest technology treatment is for inserting vegan plant cells into skin that helps grow new cells. Its great for all skin types and leaves skin brighter, rejuvenated and younger looking skin. 20% off on 4 sessions purchase.

Snow White Facial

The most brightening, lifting facial from South Korea. It starts with organic peel and follow by oxygen treatment. Massage with snow white sheet mask and anti-aging oil and add peel-off mask on the top. It leaves skin brighter and firmer than ever before!

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