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If you are just starting to introduce new skin regime into your daily routine, or you are a beginner in general, all the information surrounding you might be overwhelming sometimes. You may not know where to start, which products to use, how to apply them correctly, and all this can make you want to give up before even starting. Technology supplied by many salons can be too much to understand,difficult to differentiate, and not many places offer a thorough explanation of the same.


Having years of experience with skin-care and always staying on top of the technology development, Mindy will introduce you to the skin-care routine that you will benefit the most from. This includes individualized consultation, guidance through every step of the way as well as highly professional care routine and treatments. When advised a certain treatment, you will be introduced to the benefits and differences between that particular selection from anothers. Confusion will be completely eliminated.


Mindy’s treatments have been well recognized by her faithful customers over the years and this is what is offered to all of our clients individually. Only the best products are being used and here we are talking about products and treatments that have been proven to give results in as little as one session.  In order to provide you with only the best for you exactly, Mindy will tailor her service to you and you only, and this is what our clients adore about her!


From Oxygen infusions to high quality laser treatments and peels,  the choice is enormous, which allows us to deliver to your skin exactly what it requires without over-stressing it with unnecessary products. Your skin deserves only the best and this is exactly what we are aiming  for. There is more to skin-care than just using products and attending treatments blindly , without knowing what you are doing . This is what Mindy is here for. Sounds great? Book your appointment with Mindy and leave no aspect of your skin-care neglected.

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