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Teen Facial

Discover the importance of good skin care habits at this delicate age with our Teen Facial!

Here at Mindy’s Spa, we understand how difficult it is not to be able to keep your skin under control, with all the hormonal changes, which take a toll on both, your skin and your confidence.


A lot of teenagers make the same mistake of trying as many products as possible in order to find the one that “works”. Unfortunately, this will not work for most of them as these products can actually just cover up the real problem which hidden deeper than what just meets the eye. This is where having a conversation with a professional is a great idea, in order to find a tailored approach that will suit your skin the best.


This blemish free facial treatment is specifically designed to treat hormonal acne very often found in teenagers. It is by far the best skin treatment you will encounter, made especially for  teenagers and their ever changing skin. Our detailed and individualized treatment will be tailored with a special focus on teenager’s complexion as well as and skin issues that might exist such as breakouts, excessive oil or dryness, flaky skin etc.


The treatment will start off with deep cleansing with sony scrubber and it is then followed by gentle but extremely powerful extraction ,done with steam. After these two steps, a healing mask will be applied in order to rehydrate the skin or to eliminate and reduce oily particles. The skin will show signs of amazing change even after one session, and results will continue to develop gradually over time, especially if you continue with the treatment as advised.

 In the end, you will leave our spa feeling and looking more confident, refreshed and receive extremely important information in how to properly take care of your young skin, in order to enjoy the full effect and benefits of this amazing treatment!

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